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What is a Russian plug?

Time:2021-12-20 10:15:38

The Russian plug is the same as the EU plug, which belongs to the EU standard. There are two types of commonly used Russian plugs, one is a two-core plug, and the other is a three-core plug. The three-core plug has a grounding protection function. The pins are two cylindrical, and the grounding is a round hole. Use insulated PVC encapsulation, the plug must be marked with the Russian safety certification mark, the certification code, the voltage is 220V, which is the same as the voltage in China, the current is 10A, the manufacturer model, the manufacturer LOGO or the manufacturer’s trademark, is the real compliance with the Russian norms. The plug, the wire specification is H05VV-F/H03VV-F/H05VVH2-F/H03VVH2-F, the power cord on the plug must be determined according to the power of the product used, the color can be any color, there is no regulation, it is used in household appliances , Power tools, small home appliances, digital products, beauty salon products, electronic products, etc.

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