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Guangdong Wire and Cable Industry Association and SGS promote the green development of the industry

Time:2021-12-20 00:00:00

Guangzhou, March 27, 2013/PRNewswire/ - Recently, sponsored by the Guangdong Wire and Cable Industry Association and co-organized by SGS General Standard Technical Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SGS"), "Wire and Cable Environmental Risks and Responses The "Strategy" seminar was successfully held in Shenzhen, attracting nearly a hundred representatives of the cable industry elite to attend. At the meeting site, SGS technical experts deeply analyzed the latest developments in the wire and cable industry related environmental regulations and the key points of environmental protection control for product production, helping companies to actively recognize the industry's green development trend. This conference focused on building a technology exchange and learning platform for companies, promoting companies to understand the latest environmental protection trends and control technologies in the cable industry, assisting companies to pay attention to the industry’s environmental protection and sustainable development, saving costs, improving management efficiency, and ensuring the quality of green products. Promote the green development of the cable industry.

In recent years, the wire and cable industry is an important basic industry of China's national economy, and the quality of its products is directly related to economic and social development and the vital interests of the people. With the rapid growth of China's economy and the further acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, the wire and cable industry is currently the second largest industry in the electrical and electrical industry after the automobile manufacturing industry. With the rapid growth of China's wire and cable industry, some problems have become increasingly severe, such as surplus total, insufficient effective supply, prominent structural contradictions, low input and output, and weak technological innovation. In addition, the current overall quality of wire and cable products in my country is not high, and the qualified rate of product quality supervision and spot checks has been hovering at a low level for a long time. Export product recalls have occurred repeatedly, and their quality problems have brought great risks to safety, environmental protection and health. These problems have seriously hindered the healthy development of the wire and cable industry. At the same time, as countries around the world continue to pay more attention to the environment, the production and manufacture of environmentally friendly products has become a global development trend. In this regard, Chinese manufacturers need to actively understand and grasp the latest developments in global green environmental protection regulations. Only by controlling the latest environmental protection control technology and ensuring the "green" energy-saving and environmental protection of products can we seize the opportunity in the fiercely competitive international market.

Wire and cable are special commodities related to people's life safety and the normal operation of almost all industries. In the face of people's increasing concern about the living environment and living environment, the market prospects of environmentally friendly cables are also increasingly promising. At present, countries around the world are constantly updating the relevant environmental protection regulations of the wire and cable industry. For example, the EU RoHS2.0 directive has officially replaced the old version of the RoHS directive, which has put forward higher requirements in many aspects such as product range, restricted substances, and CE marking. The requirements of EU REACH regulations are becoming more and more stringent. With the official release of the 8th batch of SVHC candidate substances list, the number of SVHC candidate substances has officially increased to 138 items. Therefore, the research and development and large-scale adoption of eco-friendly wire and cable have become an international trend, and the development of green and environment-friendly cables that conform to the trend of social development is an important way to enhance the market competitiveness of cable companies.

Mr. Liu Tao, Secretary-General of Guangdong Wire and Cable Industry Association, said: At present, there are more and more environmental protection laws and regulations in the world, and they are becoming more and more strict. Only by "manufacturing" can the product enter the target market smoothly. This event is jointly organized with SGS, aiming to learn from the rich experience and professional technology accumulated by SGS in the industry to provide technical guidance for the majority of enterprises, guide and assist enterprises to strengthen the research on the latest requirements of environmental protection regulations for products in the cable industry, and actively develop compliance Environmentally friendly products. It is hoped that we can carry out more extensive cooperation with SGS in the future, jointly promote the green environmental protection cause of the wire and cable industry, and actively promote the green development of the industry.

Du Jiabin, general manager of SGS Consumer Products Testing Services Department, said: Environmental issues are increasingly becoming the focus of people's attention. The importance of the ecological environment has become increasingly prominent, and the manufacture of green products is of great significance to enterprises. As the world's leading third-party testing and certification organization, SGS is very honored to cooperate with the association this time. SGS will actively assist companies to master the latest global green environmental protection regulations with its huge service network, rich experience and professional technology accumulated in the electronics industry Assist companies to actively recognize the development situation of the industry, pay attention to sustainable development issues, optimize the corporate standardization system, establish a green corporate image, and ultimately win the target market, and vigorously enhance the overall competitiveness of Chinese cable companies in the world.

As an internationally renowned leader and innovator of third-party testing and certification services, SGS has always been committed to improving human health, safety and environmental protection by virtue of its huge service network and professional technology, and is committed to providing sustainable development of various supply chains. Professional solutions. The one-stop solution provided by SGS assists more cable companies to actively respond to market regulatory requirements, fundamentally solve the problem of "green" manufacturing, ensure product compliance and smooth entry into the market, improve corporate market and industry competitiveness, and promote The green process of the cable industry.

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About Guangdong Wire and Cable Industry Association

The Guangdong Wire and Cable Industry Association is a non-profit organization that is engaged in the production, research and development, testing, sales and use of various cable products, cable raw materials, cable machinery industrial equipment, and cable supporting connection products in Guangdong Province. Sexual social organization. The association takes the service of the wire and cable industry as its mission, to abide by laws, regulations and national policy requirements, to promote the prosperity and healthy development of the wire and cable industry in Guangdong Province, to coordinate member relations, and to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, to create a public service platform for the industry, and to promote the region The improvement of enterprise product quality and the upgrading of industrial technology, and the promotion of regional brand building provide enterprises with one-stop, all-round high-quality services, and provide all-round support for the development of enterprises.

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