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Avoid blocking light and wrapping wires

Time:2021-12-20 00:00:00

The Anzhenli Community Joint Power Supply Bureau and the greening team, witnessed by members of the community neighborhood council and enthusiastic residents, trimmed the crowns of 35 dangerous trees on the north side of Building 19 in the three districts that involved high-voltage lines.

The reporter saw that the staff approached the tree through the crane ladder and cut off the tree crown. According to reports, since the trees in this area are mainly locust trees, removing the entire canopy will not affect future growth. Before pruning the tree canopy, the community has contacted the power supply department to temporarily stop the electricity involved in this area. And by posting notices around the residents, please do not park under the trees on the day of cutting the branches.

According to community staff, these trees have been here since the beginning of the construction of the community. In recent years, they have grown to three or four storeys high, which affects daylighting. In addition, some tree crowns are covered with wires. Once a fire occurs, the consequences will be serious. In March of this year, the Anzhenli Community Neighborhood Council listed tree branch pruning as the focus, and the community came forward to solve this many-year problem.

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